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Creating jobs for disadvantaged Burmese women

YounSone was born from the observation that it is not enough to give training to disadvantaged young people but that it is important to allow them access to employment.

Women in Myanmar have even fewer opportunities for education and employment. They are further marginalized. Many of them migrate illegally to work and hold dangerous jobs or become victims of human trafficking.

YounSone trains them and provides them with stable and lasting employment. Some join the team full time and may develop new skills. Others work from home and can care for their families while having a fixed income and avoiding long and costly transportation.

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Create modern objects inspired by Burmese traditions

YounSone seeks to preserve the Burmese tradition and culture by transforming traditional fabrics into contemporary clothing and decorative items. We value the cultural heritage and bring it up to date. This strengthens the pride of women from these provinces and increases their self-confidence.

All parts of Myanmar have an impressive heritage of traditional clothing. We wanted to use this cultural richness and enhance it in our products. Each motif found on the longyis comes from the different emblems of the 8 Burmese tribes: Kachin, Kayar, Karen, Chin, Mon, Bamar, Rahkine and Shan.


Maintain and develop the unique know-how of Burmese crafts

Most of the fabrics are woven and embroidered by hand. In each village, there are men and women who still master this skill. Young people tend to abandon these activities which are not necessarily valued by the modern world.

We buy our fabrics from women in poor villages or in refugee camps (many people have been displaced by civil wars in the north of the country). We strive to pay a fair price. We are keen to preserve local practices, such as natural dyes.

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