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Our history

"7 years ago, I dreamed of creating a social enterprise that can help young people like me."

Julia Naw

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Why ?

Young people in my country are looking for work to earn money and survive. But the problem is that we aspire to work in large companies that sometimes have little regard for the future of our planet. We poor people are struggling to make money but we don't care about the environment and we are helping to destroy the planet without even knowing it. For example, many work in the mining industry or in unethical companies.

Women also have even fewer educational and employment opportunities. They are even more marginalized. Many of them migrate illegally to work and hold dangerous jobs or become victims of human trafficking.

In the search for a better life, we have also lost our culture and tradition in favor of modernization, which is the cause of climate change, which makes the poor even poorer.

Julia Naw

Co-Founder & Manager

How did I start YounSone?

I am part of the international Fondacio movement which aims to build a more human and fairer world. The training I received at Fondacio helped me realize my dream.

I was first a trainer at our Young Life Development Center (YLDC) in Yangon. The YLDC allows them to acquire basic skills so that they can start looking for work. However, they find it difficult to find a job. It is for this reason that I wanted to create a social enterprise around sustainable fashion. Its aim is to provide livelihood opportunities for young people, especially women. I started to train myself and other people in sewing and basic clothing. I worked with young people and many other people to create YounSone.

YounSone means "colorful" in the Burmese language. This expresses the diversity of cultures, ethnic groups, ages, religions and origins of people and aims to create a synergy allowing a life together respectful of all.


Julia Naw & Monica Moe Moe Âye


The objective of YounSone is to provide young people with skills enabling them to become independent without destroying the environment, while remaining faithful to their culture and traditions.

It is about developing income for young people by producing sustainable fashion products that we sell locally and in Europe.

I firmly believe that to take care of the environment, I must go back to my roots, learn from the wisdom of the natives, where our culture and traditions live in harmony with nature.

Thus, YounSone products are developed with the aim of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, between the modern and the traditional, between men and the earth.

Monica Moe Moe Âye & Monica Nuni Maran 

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